Holistic Services

The following services, offered as individual, one-to-one sessions, and tailored to the individual’s needs:


Reiki is a most gentle, non-invasive natural healing method for relaxation and well-being. Complements physical and psychological therapies. For Reiki practitioners, check the WellnessWorkers Referral Directory. For Reiki session with sound healing, call Ann Marie at 856-435-3427.
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Intuitive Energy Readings

Energy sessions for those committed to deeper personal work. Guidance through aura interpretation. Identify strengths and become more self-aware of personal strengths and limitations for personal growth. Call Elsie Kerns, Energy Intuitive at 856-435-3427.
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Community Healing Prayer

Community and group prayer intention generate profound healing for both the individual requesting prayer and the recipient. Submit your prayer request to our prayer circle.
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Have a Massage! Of great benefit for pain, stress, tight muscles and restrictions in joints. Lowers blood pressure, encourages the body to release endorphins, its own natural pain relievers.

Gift Certificates

Available for Wellness Workers Services or Classes.
Call Ann Marie at 856-435-3427 or Email