Contact Hours

American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) CNE’s

In order to receive AHNA CNE contact hours, attendees must be present for the entire presentation, complete the AHNA transcript form at registration as well an AHNA evaluation form following the presentation.
CNE hours from approved presentations may be applied toward the continuing education requirements for the Holistic Nursing Certification examination and re-certification process.

Presenters, Planners and the Nurse Planner have declared a conflict of interest in receiving monetary compensation for teaching this course.

AHNA Disclaimer Statement:
“Approval for contact hours through the AHNA is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.”

Certificates for Approved Presentations will carry this statement:
“This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association’s Education Approver Committee, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.”

Wellness Workers Holistic Health offers AHNA contact hours for Presentations listed below:

Eden Energy Medicine 101 ~ AHNA #925 expires Oct. 2014

EEM 101 Purpose Statement:
To empower the nurse healer with effective energy medicine tools for self-care and patient care.

EEM 101 Objectives:

  • Discuss the Principles of Energy Medicine
  • Describe the nine primary energy systems taught in Eden Energy Medicine
  • Demonstrate the EEM Daily Energy Routine
  • Apply the Meridian Flow Wheel to trace meridians
  • Identify the Neurolymphatic Reflex Points
  • Explain the Triple Warmer-Spleen imbalance
  • Practice the Daily Energy Routine, Neurolymphatic Reflex Points & Tracing Meridians
  • Apply strengthening and sedating points for TW and Spleen
  • Review the TW/Spleen exercises to calm TW and strengthen Spleen
  • Demonstrate grounding
  • List the qualities of the Auric Field
  • Assess and correct specific points in the Auric Field
  • Employ all EEM techniques taught on the Daily Energy Routine, Meridian Tracing, TW-Spleen balancers, sedating & strengthening acupressure points, grounding and Auric Field strengthening

Eden Energy Medicine 102 ~ AHNA #926 expires Oct. 2014

EEM 102 Purpose Statement:
To further empower the nurse healer with advanced energy medicine tools for self-care and patient care.

EEM 102 Objectives:

  • Define Energy Testing
  • Demonstrate pre-checks prior to testing
  • Student will apply kinesiology (muscle testing) with a partner
  • Demonstrate Substance Testing
  • Employ the substance testing methods for good, bad and neutral substances with partner
  • Explain the Neurovascular Reflex Points
  • Students will identify the Neurovascular Reflex Points with partner
  • Illustrate Energy Medicine for the Eyes
  • Apply Energy Medicine for the Eyes
  • Discuss energy approaches for pain
  • Students will apply simple pain release techniques with partner
  • Demonstration of Donna Eden’s signature Quickie Energy Balancer & Brazilian Toe
  • Evaluate EEM 102 presentation

Usui Reiki I (#925 expires Oct. 2014)   ~ 6.5 CNE’s

Usui Reiki I Purpose Statement:
To empower the nurse healer with effective energy tools for healing self and others.

Usui Reiki I Objectives:

  • Discuss the history of Dr. Usui and creation of Usui Reiki
  • Define Usui Reiki
  • Discuss the Principles of the Reiki Daily Prayer
  • Apply the Kanji hand positions to activate Usui Reiki Level I for self & others.
  • Demonstrate the “hands-on” positions in Usui Reiki I
  • Correlate Reiki hand positions to the endocrine & chakra system
  • Discuss attunement process related to intention, free will and initiation to Reiki Level I
  • Receive energy transfer from the Usui Reiki Master Teacher for their attunement to Usui Reiki Level I
  • Apply self-healing hand positions following Reiki attunement
  • Illustrate Reiki hand positions using chair, standing, with children, elderly or bedridden patients and incorporating in general hospital setting
  • Practice giving and receiving a Reiki I session with partner
  • Discuss the Reiki healing session with partner and open discussion with questions for the instructor
  • Evaluate Usui Reiki I class

Usui Reiki II (#926 expires Oct. 2014) ~ 6.5 CNE’s

Usui Reiki II Purpose Statement:
Reiki II seeks to further empower the nurse healer with sacred symbols, emotional-mental balancing and distant healing techniques for self & others.

Usui Reiki II Objectives:

  • Apply the Usui Reiki sacred symbols
  • Describe the emotional level of the human energy field
  • Define false beliefs in the mental layer of the human energy field
  • Demonstrate Usui Reiki II techniques for emotional-mental balancing
  • Receive the energy transfer for Usui Reiki II
  • Apply Reiki hand positions to self with added empowerment of the Usui Reiki II Attunement.
  • Experience healing exchange with partner utilizing all positions and techniques taught for Usui Reiki Level II
  • Discuss healing exchange experience with partner and sharing within the group
  • Differentiate the appropriate use of Reiki in a personal healing practice, home, healthcare setting, operating room or workplace.
  • Practice distant healing session together
  • Report experience of distant healing session
  • Evaluate Usui Reiki Level II class presentation

Wellness for Life Using Energy Medicine (#677) ~ 6.8 CNE’s ~ expiration August 2013

Wellness for Life Using Energy Medicine Purpose Statement:
To empower the nurse healer with effective energy medicine concepts for stress reduction.

Wellness for Life Using Energy Medicine Objectives:

  1. Define the Principles of Energy Medicine.
  2. Differentiate the role of meridians, chakras and extraordinary vessels in energy medicine.
  3. Apply the Five Thumps and Four Directions Stretch.
  4. Practice the Zip-Up, Hook-Up, Cross Crawl, Belt Flow Connector and Infinity Sign.
  5. Explain benefits of Wayne Cook Balance, Crown Release and Invisible Fence.
  6. Practice the 8-Minute Revitalizer.
  7. Discuss the benefits of Spinal Flush.
  8. Apply the Spinal Flush with partner.
  9. Demonstrate stress reduction combination of Front and Back Hold on neurovascular points
    at the forehead and “Feathering.”
  10. Apply Front/Back neurovascular hold followed by  “Feathering.”
  11. Rate energy exchange results with partner.
  12. Apply Hormonal Balance.
  13. Demonstrate key energy points for halting “hot flashes.”
  14. Identify Adrenal and Cortisol energy points.
  15. Define Neurovascular points and    hormonal balance for liver, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus.
  16. Apply bone builders and ligament release.
  17. Illustrate spooning and forking feet to balance polarity, open to the earth connection
    and charge your batteries.
  18. Practice “Take Down the Flame” exercise to balance and support the endocrine system
    and open to bliss so heaven can rush in!
  19. Rate the workshop experience and complete AHNA evaluations.

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