About Wellness Workers

Wellness Workers seeks to educate about complementary medicine through lecture and information-giving, and also, and perhaps more importantly, in experiences and practices that bring the whole person to a deeper level of understanding about the process of natural healing. Our belief is embedded clearly in the concept of self-responsibility in choosing wellness and “doing the work” of caring for one’s own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We see healthcare professionals providing partnerships in healing, ultimately helping the individual in the healing of them self. Holistic healing will ultimately embrace the integration of conventional medicine with the the long range gentle healing of a lifestyle and choices that support the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Wellness Workers educational programs begin with providing information and experience with “complementary” concepts and methods, and ultimately seek to integrate methods by focusing on the whole person and their needs–striving to provide them with the best that all of us can offer.

Wellness Workers education seeks first to stimulate and engage the person in the active work of their own healing process. For healthcare facilities, client education will be an on-going emphasis. Client education will emphasize wellness, prevention, health maintenance and life satisfaction as well as treatment of disease.

Ann Marie McClintock

Ann Marie McC

Director & Co-Founder, Wellness Workers

Ann Marie McClintock is an occupational therapist with more than 25 years experience in the mental health field. Certified as a teacher of Hatha and Christian Yoga and Reiki, she is co-founder and director of Wellness Workers which provides wellness services and holistic health classes to healthcare, education and general community audiences.

Contact Ann about setting up classes for your group or agency: 856-435-3427  or email Ann Marie

For Reiki classes and sessions call 856-767-2191
For Healing Prayer Ministry call 856-767-2191
For Bionic Detox call 856-767-2191

Elsie Kerns

Rise Event Elsie

Co-Founder, Wellness Workers

Elsie’s passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective and practical stress solutions available 24/7! These self-care healthy lifestyle options restore, revitalize and renew one’s energy and passion for life. She is an Authorized Energy Medicine 101-102 Teacher, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Energy Medicine for Women Instructor.

She offers Worksite Wellness, Educational Seminars, Teleclasses and Private Sessions. Contact Elsie at 856.435.3427. email her at: elsie@wellnesswithelsie.com