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education communityTeaching in today’s society is challenging, rewarding and full of stress. Teachers daily face classrooms full of students who in some cases expect to be taught in the same way they are “entertained” by the vast media world from which they come. Daily preparation, classroom management, discipline and extracurricular activities work together to “stress-out” teachers who are trying their utmost to offer quality education to every student who enters his/her classroom. It is the unusual teacher who doesn’t experience some level of daily stress.

We offer ways to help teachers manage stress.

reduce stress for teachersWellness Workers programs provide education on strategies of promoting wellness, reducing stress, and improving quality of life. Wellness Workers programs teach stress-reduction methods that, in some cases, can be applied by the teacher for stressed students. These stress-reduction methods are additional skills the teacher can bring to the classroom that will serve to reduce the overall anxiety present in some classrooms.

Relaxation is a key component to combat the harried pace of life as a teacher. Wellness techniques are effective ways to reduce stress and refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind and spirit in order to teach effectively and creatively.

We offer ways to help students manage stress in positive ways.

student stress solutionsWellness Workers programs offer constructive ways for stress to be relieved and aggressive energies to be redirected into healthy activities. Students and teachers are introduced to the health giving practices of QiGong, Tai Chi, and Yoga. These activities are taught and practiced in non competitive fashion.

Wellness Workers offers and encourages the daily (or several days a week) practice of QiGong series to improve physical health, and provide a foundation for a lifestyle wellness practice that is health enhancing to mind, body and spirit. Provides way to neutralize inappropriate aggressive energies/behaviors by providing constructive ways for energies to be expressed.

Classes, Workshops, In-Service Programs

Wellness Workers can provide the following programs in a variety of formats like full day in-service, half day in-service or a lunchtime lecture.

Seated Massage – Enjoy ten minutes of massage on the head, neck & shoulders.

Most Gentle Yoga – Simple, introductory yoga for the non-athletic type, for the purpose of relaxing and centering.

Qi Gong – A simple exercise program combining movement, breath and intention as an effective way of increasing the flow of chi for wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Tai Chi – A martial art that can be used for healing and relaxation.

Be Body Wise with Energy Works – Practical energy methods for feeling your best. Acupoints are used to relax and restore the body.

Stress Reduction through Music with Biofeedback

The “Relaxation Response” – Learn mind-body practices that elicit the “relaxation response”. Learn ways to incorporate these into daily life for health and well-being.

Nutrition and Health – Learn how what we eat affects our coping skills, our concentration, and our ability to manage the physical, mental and emotional ups and downs of everyday living.

Benefits of Wellness Workers Programs

• Relax the mind and body
• Reduce muscle tension and associated pain
•  Alleviate the physical & emotional exhaustion we call “burnout”
• Enhance immune function
• Provide a change of pace so the body and mind can rejuvenate
• Increase energy and alertness by calming the nervous system and increasing circulation
• Increase motivation to take care of oneself with healthy lifestyle changes
• Increase the flow of energy into constructive activity
• Enhance wellness of body, mind and spirit.
• Reduce anxiety, fear; provide constructive outlet for aggressive energies.

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Wellness Workers is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education as a professional provider.